It is a reoccurring trend for fashion photographers to reuse, reinterpret or recycle cultural items and ideologies to apply new meaning and reinvigorate artistic works. Does sourcing creative inspiration from minority cultures devalue their original social, religious or cultural nature?


It has become evident that a clear ethical line surrounding cultural appropriation is difficult to draw, as public opinions will always be subjective: this work straddles this undefined line.


Taking precedence from existing media in high fashion magazines, this work is a photographic exploration that investigates fashion’s use of cultural appropriation and its impact on Western social viewpoints. This publication intends to encourage a dialogue in relation to cultural misrepresentation, highlighting potential moral and/or ethical issues when constructing a fashion photograph.

With an intent to trigger awareness and provoke audience opinions of this complex issue, this work begins to inform readers about cultural appropriation through acknowledging the cultural significance of each item portrayed within this publication.